Document rack system

Card planning board

Manufactured upon request.



Manufactured upon request.

Document rack for A4

Item number: 870
Organise methodically, for instance, orders in A-4 format.
Dates and days are printed on removable magnets.
The rack has 10 pockets.
Dimensions (h x w): 84 cm x 37 cm.

Document rack for A5, broad size


Item number: 12841
Main rack with an extension. 68 x 36 cm h x b
Optional pre-text, 15 pockets. Including magnetic 1-31 date setting.

Item number: 12842
Extension rack 68 x 26 cm h x w

Planning board

Affordable panel board with aluminium pockets. Comes in a basic format without text. You can customise the board as per your needs by buying one of our magnets and decals.

Format of the board:

Item number: 12860 112 x 84 cm
Item number: 12863 176 x 84 cm



Item number: 012879 Decal set "Day planning"
Item number: 12878 Decal set "Week planning"
Item number: 12877 Decal set "Optional text"
Item number: 012881 Magnetic 1-31 date set (specify 1-31 when ordering)
Item number: 12881 Magnetic 1-53 date set (specify 1-53 when ordering)
Item number: 012882 Key holders with 10 hooks
Item number: 12859 Key holders with 10 extra-long hooks